Welcome to my parlor, weary travelers! My name is Sarah Demens, a lifelong dreamer, Christian, author and aspiring filmmaker. I love supernatural fantasy and science fiction and try to blend the two into my works.
Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with stories and imagination and knew from day one that I wanted to devote myself to it. Join me on my journey as I strive to tell the stories I desperately wish for the world to see!

When I'm not writing, you can usually find me watching movies, playing games... or probably gushing about dogs.

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Welcome to Hollowgrove

Wealthy siblings Gabriel and Audrey Beckhart return from college to their hometown of Hollowgrove in hopes of having a peaceful vacation. What they discover upon doing so, however, is that countless citizens have gone missing without a trace, and with that comes endless sightings of monsters. Determined to find out what is happening in their town, they turn to eccentric conspiracy theorist Amelia Pine for help, only to soon be led on the path of fellow believers Quinton Lim and Troy Brooke, the unlikely group banding together to uncover the secrets of Hollowgrove. The ingredients of their first case? A seven year old mute monster attack survivor, her canine companion, suspicious supernatural activity... and the legendary Chupacabra.

(cover art designed by Hannah Bailey)

Tales From the
Oddity Den

Delve into the unknown as Dorian Gray and Dr. Henry Jekyll vow to redeem themselves, traveling the darkest parts of the world to save the souls of other legendary figures. Nothing could prepare them for the horrors they are to face..
(on-going fan fiction)

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

When their respective kingdoms are threatened after the telling of a frightening prophecy, Mulan, Jasmine and Merida band together and race to rally the other Disney characters in order to save their universe from destruction. The ones paving the way to these other realms? A peculiar mouse, and a mysterious man called "W.D.".
(on-going fan fiction)

Belief Is Half The Battle

Three weeks after the Chupacabra has been captured and things seemingly have gone back to normal in Hollowgrove, the Sleuth Assembly grows weary of the inactivity, until a new case presents itself that calls for the group's services once again. The Assembly must travel to the enigmatic Camp Macabre, where they soon delve into the mystery of the camp itself and take particular interest in the sightings of another elusive cryptid; Sasquatch.

(cover art designed by Hannah Bailey)